Project Management

Running large transformative e-commerce projects requires additional resources, a luxury that only few organizations call their own. In reality this often comes at the cost of additional workload for team members that are more valuable to your organization in their specific field of expertise thus minimizing their desired output.

As external project managers we handle the organizational part while your team is free to commit themselves to the project according to their functional qualifications.

Interim Management

In case you don't have the resources to cater your ambitious plans we are happy to jump in as temporary leaders to support your goals e.g. during maternity cover, talent shortage or for temporary projects.

We hit the ground running seamlessly integrating into the team, leading a team or hire a team that can take over internally.


You want to ignite the next level of development for your digital business but are not sure as to the right strategy?

Based on our extensive background in e-commerce and digital marketing we are here to guide you towards a tailor made strategy to scale your business.