Commerce Guru is a professional consulting firm focusing on the digital transformation of companies and organizations by pioneering unique marketing solutions, products and business models to effectively engage digital customers at every touch point in the customer experience lifecycle.


Andreas ‚Andy‘ Rieger, Founder and CEO of commerce guru, is considered a veteran in the world of e-commerce. With 15+ years of experience, Andy has contributed substantially to the success of numerous international online stores, digital marketing startups and has served in mobile commerce since day one.

Prior to founding commerce guru Andy held the position of a Senior Business Development Manager at SHOPGATE were he was based out of Zurich/Switzerland and Palo Alto/USA.

Andy also held the position of a Country Manager for the DACH region at OLAPIC - the leader in visual marketing with user generated content.

Among other clients Andy was a consultant for MINODES - a Berlin based startup offering state-of the-art Retail Analytics and Omnichannel Retargeting solutions.

In a current project Andy runs an e-commerce project at ESCADA. The project involved the international relaunch of and as well as taking the formerly outsourced e-commerce business in-house.

"With commerce guru we help our clients to take their businesses to the next level by employing best practices, while staying at the forefront of our industry."

In his free time he enjoys photography, design, architecture and running.


Visual Marketing

Our technology partner enables brands and retailers to tap into the vast amount of authentic emotional user generated images posted on social media to create engaging user experiences on all marketing channels both online and offline.

Our technology helps our clients to:

  • Connect Content & Community with Commerce
  • Influence Brand Perception & Drive Awareness of Specific Product Lines
  • Make your Earned Media Work Harder, Reduce Your Content Marketing Budget
  • Promote Brand Advocacy & Increase Brand Affinity

We also collect performance data about the published content to enable our clients to maximize the results from ads spendings on Facebook and Instagram.
GIGYA - Customer Identity Management

Turn anonymous visitors into known customers with social and traditional registration tools that let you easily authenticate users and collect rich first-party data.

Consolidate social, behavioral, interest, transactional and all other data types into unified customer profiles while maintaining scalability, security and compliance.

Easily query and segment user records and integrate first-party data across marketing and service applications to create personalized experiences that convert.

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SHOPGATE - Mobile Commerce

SHOPGATE is the clear path to mobile evolution, but we also optimize mobile storefronts to present the most inviting and engaging digital experience possible. Even Google® recommends Shopgate. Our phenomenal layouts and visionary UI design guarantee an exceptional mobile shopping experience.

  • iPhone + iPad Apps
  • Android Apps
  • Mobile Websites
  • Apple TV Apps
  • push notification
  • location based services
  • Apple Pay

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MINODES - Retail Analytics and Omnichannel Retargeting
Advanced consumer insights - quantify and benchmark consumer engagement across retail locations to create meaningful insights, boost store productivity and optimize the shopper experience.

MINODES enables you to better understand:

  • When are the peak hours in your store?
  • At which entrance can visitor conversion be improved?
  • How long do customers dwell in specific store sections?
  • How do customers move through the store?
  • Which areas should be incentivized?
  • How many customers engage in cross-store shopping?
  • How does the weather affect visitor behavior?
  • Did changes in store layout reduce customer waiting time?
  • Has the change in store designed to higher customer engagement?
  • is staff optimally aligned to fit the service level?

As a result you can:

  • Benchmark store performance
  • Boost employee productivity
  • Optimize store layout and customer flow
  • Ensure minimal queuing time
  • Apply best practices across stores
  • Grow visitor and shopper conversion
  • Increase customer retention

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Retarget retail shoppers across online channels and deliver intelligent, customized messages to your most relevant consumer segments.

Drive Cross-Channel Conversions

Offline-to-Online Retargeting

Re-engage brick and mortar store visitors with targeted ad campaigns across devices in order to create a seamless brand experience and to drive consumer traffic.

Online-to-Offline Retargeting

Convert online leads to retail store visitors by targeting them with intelligent and customized online ads in proximity to local stores. Measure results in real-world visitor conversion.

MINODES matches offline customer data with online profiles and allows marketers to target users with more relevant ads than ever before.

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Andreas Rieger | commerce guru

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86150 Augsburg

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